The Element of Creation

Integrate the fun and creativity of collage making into your website with one easy step.


Enhance your online suite with our collage making app for just $99 per month.

Seamless Integration

Our installation wizard makes embedding simple. Just cut and paste the code to get started.

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Unlock Creativity

Provide instant access to hundreds of collage templates, or import custom templates using Photoshop.

Getting A Collage Maker On Your Site Has Never Been Easier

Offer Your Users The Best Experience

For the past six years, our collage design app has been used by millions of visitors on the Photovisi website. In that time, we have tested and refined Photovisi to provide our customers with seamless access to their favorite collage-making features.

Now, integrating collage design into your own website is as simple as pasting the embed code into your HTML where you want Photovisi White Label to appear.

Updates and improvements made to Photovisi and the template library are automatically available on your website, too. With access to hundreds of different designs, your users will always find something that's just right for them.

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How Are Others Using Our White Label Collage Tool?

TotalLifeChanges Photovisi Whitelabel Showcase

Total Life Changes Achievement Tool uses Photovisi White Label to integrate interactive collage making with their life changes business.
With our simple embed code, the Photovisi user interface blends seamlessly into the existing website theme, resulting in a fluid process that allow their end-users to express themselves with ease.

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