Best alternative to Befunky

By photovisi |

Which is better for creating a collage? Photovisi or Befunky, the two most popular tools to help you with your creative needs. Which one should you use, and why might that work out in favor of one over another? In this blog post we'll compare both platforms and tell which option is the best choice for you.

When it comes to creativity, there is no comparison. Photovisi has hundreds of collage and card design options that will satisfy any need, while Befunky's price tag can put some people off-the map! With hundreds of designs, Photovisi is a great alternative to Befunky. 

Photovisi's intuitive interface and simple design make it easy to create beautiful collages without having any prior experience with complicated editing software. Most people find that they're able to complete their collage or card within minutes once they've selected their favorite design!

This tool is completely free to use without any limits. However, there's a watermark on your collages and cards that you need to keep in mind.

With Photovisi, you can make your photos stand out with a variety of creative effects. You'll have the option to add stickers or filters in order for them not be average!

The best thing about this tool is that it offers a completely free online photo editor, so that users may alter their pictures according to desired specifications, such as adding colorful frames onto their collages--whatever mood they're looking For! It has all sorts of options one needs when trying to create beautiful collages without any effort.

The $4.99 per month premium plan will give you the ability to create hundreds of different colleges without any watermarks, and it's ad-free!

Imagine the pride you feel when your friends and family stop to admire that collage of memories. The Photovisi Premium app facilitates this process with an unlimited number of 4k designs, so there’s no limit on how many times they can be printed!

With Befunky, we have a tool that is way too complicated. It requires some time and practice to learn how everything works, especially if you're interested in one specific function. It may not actually give any other benefits besides adding more work for an average user.

So a task as simple as creating a card or collage, and adding some favorite effects to it, can turn out to be not so easy with Befunky. It could take some time to get to the desired result. 
More complexity means also more expensive plan in this case.

Befunky does offer a free plan, but it is very limited in terms of features. Even so basic as access to the filters. If you want to go premium, it costs $9.99 when billed monthly. This is a whooping double of what Photovisi offers!

When it comes to photo collages, Photovisi is the best option. It has better features than Befunky and is easier-to use!

With Photovisi, you can make a collage or card that is sure to impress your friends and family. There are plenty of templates for all sorts of occasions, including holidays like Christmas, which means there's always something new up on their site!

Photovisi offers an intuitive interface that will make even the most inexperienced user feel at home. It's also packed with features, which you can find and use in just seconds! Try it today and see for yourself how awesome it is!