How Collaging is Gaining Popularity in the Modern World

By photovisi |

In today’s world, geek culture is getting bigger. A fun night out no longer necessarily means drinking and listening to loud music, there are now recreational activities which focus around crafts, painting, knitting board games, trivia and more. Do you know that one new trend that is gaining popularity is collage parties? No, I didn’t make a type-o and mean to write college parties….these are collage parties! Interested in attending one? Here’s what you can expect.

Collage parties can be a great recreational and social activity for children and adults alike. For adults, collage parties can be a great place to meet people and get inspired. Here, groups of men and women might be seated at a table where they are given materials to cut out and place on their own pieces of cardstock and construction paper. Snacks, beverages (sometimes even alcoholic beverages) may be served and music can be played.

Of course, collage parties can be for children as well and make a great idea for a birthday party. If your child is having a birthday soon, a collage party will give her and her friends the opportunity to participate in a private class led by an experienced instructor. The activities of the party may vary according to the child’s age and the venue you choose, but it could also include other arts and crafts activities, story time, food, snacks and more.

If you are interested in attending a collage party but not sure if it’s for you, here are some reasons why you might be inspired to check one out:

  • You’re curious about the process

  • You want to be creative in a social setting

  • You love creating and need to set aside time to do so

  • The creation of collages is a form of therapy for you

  • You want to find out what inspires you

Making a collage can be a great way to do all of these things. Also, since collaging often takes little more than cutting and pasting, its pretty hard to mess it up!

Love the idea of unlocking your creative side, but not sure if you can make time to get out to a class? Or maybe you just don’t like the sticky mess collaging creates. Well, for you, there is an online alternative.

Photovisi is a collage making web site that is totally free. It offers a variety of templates you can choose from. All you have to do is upload your favorite images. Then you can work with their customizing tools to make the collage your own. By using photos of your friends, they can become valuable gifts and mementos. If you want to incorporate a social aspect, invite over a couple of friends so they can help you make your online creations.

And, while you’re on Photovisi, be sure to check out their personalized cards, premium services and more.

Collaging is a type of art that has gained popularity throughout the 20th century and is now considered a serious art form. By trying your hand at collaging, there is no telling what talent you might unleash. Or maybe you’ll even consider starting a collaging party of your own!

Whether you are looking for a creative outlet, a social opportunity, inner peace of just want to make something meaningful for a friend or relative, collaging can be a great way to achieve any of these goals. Look into the various opportunities you have for collaging online or in your area and see how it can open up a world of creativity for you.