How Much Does Photovisi Cost?

By photovisi |

You might have heard that Photovisi is a completely free collage making website….and I know what you’re thinking. Free? Is anything completely free? Well, the truth is, that while Photovisi does offer our basic services completely free, we do also have some premium services for very reasonable prices. Read on to find more about our pricing plans and what you can get for your money.

Free Services: When first using Photovisi, you may want to start with our free services. This way you can try out our website to make sure it is what you are looking for. Our free services include the following:

- Collage Making: Our collage making feature gives you the option to create personalized collages. Available in a number of themes and formats, choose the template that best suits you. Then go on to add pictures of yourself, friends and family members, change the background color and add text and images. Your collage can be downloaded to keep and send to friends or shared to social media.

- Cards: Our selection of cards ensure that you can find one for any occasion. Choose one that is holiday themed or best suits the tastes of your recipient. Then, just like with our collages, you will be able to personalize them with a variety of backgrounds, photographs, texts and images. Download and send them to a friend or share them on social media to make someone’s day special. Our cards can also serve as invitations.

- Social Media Covers: Social media is so important these days! With everyone, from old friends to new friends to prospective employers, searching you up, its important to put your best foot forward on your social media sites. Photovisi can help you create a great social media cover for Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. They have templates designed to be uploaded to each individual site. Just pick the one you like best and customize as desired.

- Tablet and iPhone Backgrounds: We look at our phones and tablets so often in the course of a day. Why not put a cheerful image as a background, giving us something to smile about every time we pick up our devices?  Photovisi gives you a variety of themed templates to choose from. Pick your favorite and customize with photos, text and images as desired.

- Premium Services: Once you have determined that you like the Photovisi site, and want to use it more often, you might want to consider moving on to our premium services. Our premium services are exactly the same as our free services except the resolution of the photos is higher and the images do not feature our watermarks. The premium service is just $4.99 a month and it allows you to create an unlimited amount of photo collages, cards, backgrounds and social media covers.

White Label Services: Photovisi is not just a great site for making collages. It can also help grow your business, particularly if your specialty is photography or print. Our White Label service allows businesses to add a collage making feature to their web site. This can be seamlessly embedded with the Photovisi’s installation wizard. Just cut and paste the code and this easy process can be completed in a few easy steps.

Having this feature on your website will prove to be a fun and useful service for your customers improving their online experience. It will serve to set you apart from the competition and the interactive feature will keep your customers coming back.

This service is available to businesses for just $99 a month.

Photovisi Designer: But more than offering you free and low cost services, Photovisi also gives our clients opportunities to make money with our Photovisi Designer feature. Using this feature, you can upload any Photoshop PSD file to the design market and you will get 50% of the revenue from anyone who ends up using your design. And don’t worry, the rights to the design stay with you, 100%!

All of these are just the many ways you can make Photovisi work for you without having to spend a lot of money. Our services can help you let a friend or family member show how much you care, boost your personal or professional image, help your business or encourage your entrepreneurial spirit. Visit Photovisi online to find more information on how you can use the website to your advantage.