How to Make Your Photos Capture Memories in a Special Way

By photovisi |

A picture is worth a thousand words. Not only are pictures great ways of capturing memories, but they can also convey complex ideas in a single image. They connect to us emotionally and have the ability to make us happy, excited, disgusted, curious and more.

When we think of friends and family, pictures connect to us emotionally on a whole other level. We can capture special events that shaped the history of our relationships, including births, weddings, gatherings and reunions. We capture moments in time that take us back to silly styles we wore, crazy things we did and meaningful moments.

The method for the preservation of these pictures has changed over time. Once the popular method for storing these pictures was to have them printed, and stored on scrapbook pages, which would become yellowed over time, as the glue that held pictures wore off and the plastic sheaths tore. Today, we can store pictures in social media, but these too can get forgotten among the countless other pictures and posts that crowd our pages over time.

But when we can restore these pictures, when we can bring them to life again and present them to a friend or relative, they have the power to unlock all those emotions and memories and make them new again.

Making Memories a Gift in the Modern World

Once upon a time, the best way to present a friend or family member with a reminder of old times, was by giving them a printed picture in a frame.  But technology has changed all that. With the digital age, pictures are dumped into cameras and emailed to friends or shared on social media. And though this is a fun and convenient way to share memories, it seems that there is something missing.

Well, this same technology also gives us the ability to make something special out of our pictures. We can add images, print, play with layouts and more. We can even make a collage out of various prints.

Photovisi is an online website that is a great tool for taking your picture to the next level. Its easy to use, and basic membership is completely free.

Start by choosing from one of the many designs that they have available online. Then just add your photos. You can further customize the provided designs by dragging the photos around in a way you think looks best. Then just save and share your design. Photovisi also gives you the option to crop or resize photos and add effects as needed.

Photovisi also offers templates you can use to make your pictures into cards, which is another great way to present your images in a sentimental way.

And Photovisi isn’t just a great way to remind friends and family of how much they mean to you. You can also use the site to create social media covers for popular web sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and customize backgrounds for your phone and tablet.

A picture can make a great gift for a friend, adding a personal touch for any occasion. Photovisi will make your photos so much more than just something that is sent in an email or shared online. It will show the recipient that you care enough to put some time and thought into making your memories special.