Personalized Easter Gifts Ideas that Will Make Great Family Traditions

By photovisi |

Spring is on its way, and we all know that means that Easter is coming with it! A great representation of spring, Easter comes in a variety of pastel colors that make all of us feel joyful. Homemade gifts are a wonderful way to incorporate these colors and their spirit into our lives. Personalized cards andEaster eggs and baskets are great ways to share the spirit of the holiday while letting our friends and family know how much we truly care. If you’re contemplating your Easter gift list, here are some affordable DIY ideas.

Homemade Easter Cards

Homemade cards are always a great way to celebrate a holiday. They are affordable, easy to make and allow us to send friends and family a personal message. Traditional cards can start with a piece of construction paper of even an oversized piece of cardstock. Design by adding glitter, textured papers, markers, paints and more to make your card stand out. Then be sure to add a personal message that really means something to your recipient. Something that captures a shared memory or moment can be very effective.

For Easter, be sure to add a lot of spring-like images. You can cut flowers out of construction paper and paste them on your card. Rabbits or chicks made of cotton balls can be great 3D images. You can even paint your own Easter eggs straight on to your card!

Another great idea for a card is to personalize one online with a web site like Photovisi. Photovisi offers a number of templates that you can use to add your own personal images in a collage like design. They always have plenty of holiday themed card designs you can use and personalize with your own pictures, images and messages, all available right on the web site. Best of all, this web site is completely free.

Easter Gift Baskets

Another gift that you can personalize for Easter holiday giving is a gift basket. Of course, it is always best to think of the recipient and base your creation on what you think they would most like for their gift basket, but here are a few ideas:

Mason Jar Terrarium: A mason jar can be a cool and modern design for an Easter basket. Your recipient will be able to see a full terrarium theme that can be made of chocolate rocks, edible grass, candy eggs and marshmallow bunnies. Tie a ribbon and attach that homemade card for an extra personal touch!

Chick Easter Basket: You can actually convert your basket into a chick! Just add wings to the side of the basket as well as a beak, eyes and even a tuft of hair.

Edible Rice Crispy Bowl: Sweets and Easter go hand in hand. If the person you’re giving your Easter basket to has a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong giving them a cereal bowl that is actually a rice crispy treat.  Just make the treats according to the package instructions and then press them against the inside of a bowl, covered in wax paper. Allow the treats to cool and harden, then remove. Fill the bowl with all your recipient’s favorite gifts and toys.

Adult Easter Basket: Easter baskets aren’t always for kids. To make one that is more suited to adult tastes, start with an old wooden crate. Spray paint it your desired color. Once it dries attach a cute pennant banner to the front. You can do this by cutting triangle shapes from black cardstock or scrapbook paper and writing letters in each triangle with chalk. Glue the pennants to a strand of baker’s twine and glue the twine ends to the crate. The box can be filled with gifts like wine, glasses and chocolates.

Easter Eggs

Of course, we know that Easter is all about the eggs. Think about what your friends and family would like to see on their eggs and then try to incorporate that into these great ideas.

Personalize Your Egg: It takes a steady hand, but a true artist will be able to personalize eggs by writing the names of friends and family on the surface. Images can also be used to further decorate.

Glitter Eggs: For the glamourpuss in your life, a glitter egg can be just the thing. Simply coat the egg in glue and then dip it into glitter for a complete glitter sheath.

Washi-Tape Eggs: It may be difficult to keep your hand steady enough to actually create images on an egg’s surface, but washi tape can make it easier. Get washi tape in your desired pattern or color and cut small pieces at a diagonal. These will begin to have the look of a mosaic. You can also overlap strips from top to bottom.

Thread Wrapped Eggs: Another easy way to decorate eggs is simply to wrap them in baker’s twine. Start by dabbing a fast grab tacky glue to the bottom of a paper mache egg and coil the string around it. If you want to use different colors of string, coil one string half way and glue the end of that string to a second piece. Coil the string around the top, trim and dab some glue for a seamless finish.

Easter is a special time of year, and it can be even more special when you give a friend or family member a personalized gift. Gift baskets, cards and personalized Easter eggs can all be great examples of these. Think of special times and memories that you shared with your friends and use these ideas to create and Easter gift they are sure to cherish.