The Importance of Sending a Card

By photovisi |

In today’s world, it seems as if everything is digital. Emails and social media posts can be convenient ways to say thank you, happy birthday, I’m thinking of you, get well… and the list goes on. But nothing seems quite a sincere as an actual card. Read on to find out why the card giving tradition is so powerful as well as some creative ways to send a card to a friend.

The History of Sending Cards

The tradition of sending a card began in 1843 with the advent of Christmas cards. At that time, people thought it a social obligation to write to each other and respond to any sort of mail correspondence. The Christmas card fulfilled that obligation for many.

The tradition quickly caught on throughout the years, especially through modern times when families scattered due to work obligations, location changes and more. The cards served as a way of keeping families connected.

In this day and age, when the internet presents itself as an easy way to communicate, the card industry still thrives. They are especially popular with newlyweds and families with young children who are intent on building a sense of kinship and family as they are starting out.

How to Make a Card with a Personal Touch

While a store bought card is nice, it can lack a personal touch. That is why making a card can be a great, and often cheaper alternative. You may not be much for arts and crafts, but there are simple ways to create great looking cards in 15 minutes or less.

It’s always a good idea to start with a colorful or printed piece of construction paper or card stock.  Then add to it any of the following ways:

Stamp It: If you have a nice stamp, you can put it in the middle of your card. Make it your own by adding color or bordering the card with colorful, patterned tape.

Stickers: Stickers can also be added to make cards more interesting or colorful or serve as the main image against a printed or colorful background.

Die Cutting: In the craft industry, this is a popular way of using a die to cut a thin, flat material into a specific shape. These shapes can be great add-ons when decorating a card.

Multi-Media: It is always great to be creative with cards. If you have a variety of materials, be sure to look through your art box to find what will work best. Finger paints, glitter, aluminum foil, newspaper and ribbons and other materials are all sure to be terrific additions.

Photovisi: Another great way to make a homemade item for a friend or relative is by using the Photovisi web site. Though Photovisi is popularly known as a free collage design website, you can also use it to make cards for friends. This service is also free.

Photovisi has a variety of cards that you can choose from. They are themed to celebrate certain holidays and occasions, or you can choose one of their ‘just for fun’ designs to send to a friend. They can also be sent as invitations.

The nice thing about making a card on Photovisi is, just as with their collages, you can use your own photos to personalize them.

The card making process on Photovisi is easy. Just pick the theme you are interested in. Once you click on your choice, you will have the option of changing the background, adding shapes and images and replacing the text.

When you are done, you can download the card and send for absolutely free. However, if you are looking for a higher resolution card, with no watermark, you can sign up for premium services which will allow you to make an unlimited amount of these higher resolution cards for a fee of $4.99 a month.

Regardless of the type of membership you choose, you will end up with a great card to send to a friend or relative to show them how much you care. Cards can downloaded and sent via email or media sites, or you can print them and send them directly through the mail.

Cards can build a connection with a friend and promote a sense of family. All of this supports the reason why cards are so popular today. Whether you decide to make your own card, buy a store bought one, or use Photovisi to create a unique design for you, a card will serve as a sentimental memento that let’s loved ones know you are thinking of them.