Why Collages Are An Awesome Way to Store Your Art

By photovisi |

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom, a photographer, a social butterfly or all three… there is one problem you probably experience….too many photos! Whether they are scattered all over your social media sites, falling off pages in scrap books, or you are trying to hang them on the walls of your home, sometimes there are just too many to keep track of, and nothing seems like a perfect solution. Well, to those of you who are dealing with these issues, collages could be a great way to keep all of this media in one place.

Why Collages?

Rather than putting your photos all over the place, collages allow you to combine them into one place. You can put as many photos as you would like in one collage and view them easily, without having to search through scrap books or social media sites.

Collages Made Easy

I know what you’re thinking…collages? Do you expect me to cut things out with a scissor and glue them to a piece of paper?? I don’t even know if I own a stick of glue!!

Well, to all of you who are not crafty, don’t worry. Photovisi offers a simple solution.

Photovis is a free online collage making website. They have a variety of templates available that represent different themes, holidays and emotions. Just pick from one that appeals to you and upload your favorite pictures. You can use their tools to add images, drag them around, resize them and customize them until they look just as you would like them to. Then, you can share them via computer, give them as gifts or send them through the mail as a great way to let that special person know you are thinking of them.

Collage Ideas

If you are trying to get your photos organized into a collage, you may be a bit overwhelmed. Where to even start? One great idea is to organize them according to theme. If you have a friend that is a dancer, you may want to put all of his or her dance photos into one collage. Check Photovisi for dance themed templates. Their Music People template might work especially well!

A popular vacation destination could be another collage theme. If your family makes an annual pilgrimage to a certain city, amusement park or a certain relative’s home, think about combining photos from these events into one collage.

Find birthday and holiday themed templates to create collages for those special events. Collect pictures from different years and add them to your collage so you can see how your family has grown and changed over time, all in one collage image.

You can even start making separate folders for your photos, so you can easily find ones that represent these events.

Wall Hangings

A lot of people like to decorate their walls with photos, but real estate becomes a problem. When you’re hanging all these adorable pictures, you start to run out of wall space. This is another way collage formats can come in handy. With a collage, you can include several images in one frame.

Now, I know what you might be thinking… if I’m printing from a computer, will the images be good enough quality to hang on my wall? If this is a concern you have, check out Photovisi’s Premium offer.

Photovisi Premium is just $4.99 a month and those who sign up can get higher resolution prints with no water marks. Best of all, the monthly fee allows you to make an unlimited amount of high quality collages.

And while you’re on the Photovisi web site, browse around to find out more about what they offer. With Photovisi, you can also add images to cards and invitations and create social media covers. Find out how you can make money through Photovisi with their Designer tool and learn how you can add a collage making feature to your web site with their White Label tool.

Collages are an excellent way to store your art in one easy place, so they take up a minimum of space, while making attractive and meaningful works of art that you can give to friends and family or keep for yourself. Photovisi can provide you with an easy way to combine these photos so you can create a stunning design that tells a story to all who see it.